"My dad used to call me Dee-dee.

That’s my nickname. Most people at home still use it... I remember my mom said that I will just hold my diploma certificate for nothing.

That stuck with me. I remember I went to Colour Conference and a lady preached about the blind man who was sitting next to the river for so many years wishing to see, but nobody was willing to help until Jesus came. 

But the son of the living God did not just heal the man's eyes- instead, He asked him what do u want me to do? and he said: "If only I can receive my sight again" then he got healed.

I felt God asking me what do you want to do?

And I knew I had a dream to make clothes.

He said to me "use what u have."
This was a journey for me because it was dead

(I never thought I will ever see myself sewing again) Yet here I am.

It might take some time, but you are gonna see me fly like an eagle."

- Barbara Kekeletso Lephuthing